How to fight stress

Stress is one of the main features of the modern society. The ‘’to do’’ list of a common man is becoming longer and longer but despite all the scientific achievements, the day still lasts only 24 hours. Sometimes is hard to deal with all the responsibilities, tasks, expectations, people, and unforeseen situations. And these are the situations when stress comes into play causing serious problems to a person’s body and mind.

The first signs of stress

img001aEven though people are aware of being under stress, most of them will ignore the most important signs of stress that can have a harmful effect. It is imperative to recognize these first signs and try to reduce the negative effect of stress that can cause serious illness.

Frequent headaches and problems with sleep such as nightmares and insomnia are the first alarm that our body sends us.

Our muscles will also send us warning signs that our body deals with too much pressure. If you are dealing with constant pain in back, neck, shoulders and muscle spasm, then this is the serious sign that something has to be done. Also, don’t ignore the sings such as: frequent infections, sweaty hands, chest pain, panic attacks, depression, appetite disturbance and constant tiredness.

Serious illness that stresses can cause

Stress is not something that should be ignored because it can greatly affect our health and cause a large number of serious diseases.

cardiacj-698x432Stress can cause cardiovascular problems that can lead to serious problems with the heart, blood vessels, inflammation in the coronary arteries and all these problems increase the risk of heart attack.

Problems with the respiratory system will also feel the presence of stress, irregularities in breathing can cause panic attacks, asthma, and hyperventilation. Stress can cause people to eat much or less then needed, and this can affect gastrointestinal system negatively causing problems with bowls, esophagus and stomach.

unnamed (14)Problems with bran, endocrine system, and nervous system can result in a wide range of serious health problems which can cause premature death.

How to avoid stress

Living in our century doesn’t give us the opportunity to stay away from stress. But what people can do is to avoid the situation that could trigger stressful response as much as possible.

Physical activity can be of much help while trying to avoid or reducing stress. Walking with the friends, pets or on your own can bring great benefits.

Avoid situations and people that can cause stress. We all know al least one person that can ruin our day and drain all the positive energy from us. Try to minimize such gatherings as well as events that can bring you stress.

Try not to worry too much. There are things which we can change, and there are things that happen against our will. If we can’t change something, then there is not need to worry about them.

How to deal with stress
Yoga-en-la-playa-700x247No matter how much we try to avoid it, stress happens to everyone once in a while.

Try to spend more time with your friends and members of family and people that can make you feel protected, secure and happy.

Engage in activities that can help you feel positive and association that makes you feel positive.

And the most important lesson: learn to say NO and learn to slow down. There is nothing more precious than health.